5 Best Sony Lavalier Mics Available Online Right Now

Best Sony Lavalier Microphones

The name speaks for itself. Sony is a notch above anyone else when it comes to, almost everything? (except for mobiles). Here, I’ve discussed the Five Best Sony Lavalier Mics along with their Specifications.

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5 Best Sony Lavalier Mics to Buy Online

Sony ECM88B Lavalier Microphone Sony ECM88B Lavalier Microphone
  • Omnidirectional Microphone
  • Flat Frequency Response
  • Noice Cancellation
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Sony ECM77B Microphone Sony ECM77B Microphone
  • Great Frequency Response
  • Works with AA Batteries
  • XLR Connector
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Sony ECMCS3 Microphone Sony ECMCS3 Microphone
  • Clip Styled Design
  • Omnidirectional Microphone
  • 360-Degree Rotational Feature
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Sony Integrated Wireless Microphone Sony Integrated Wireless Microphone
  • Omnidirectional Pickup Pattern
  • Wide Frequency Response
  • Compatible with Camcorders and DSLRs
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Sony ECM-44  Microphone Sony ECM-44 Microphone
  • Lengthy Cable
  • Omnidirectional Pickup Pattern
  • Value for Money
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The Sony ECM88B is a great lavalier microphone with amazing features such as an omnidirectional mic, its slender build and an XLR connector at a price which may feel costly.  It comes handy especially in interview scenarios where you need to capture audio-only from a single source. 


The Omnidirectional dual-diaphragm microphone captures audio directly from the direction it is pointed towards thus ignoring all other sounds. You need a lavalier mic so that it does not show up on the screen and this microphone does it perfectly. Its slender frame is thin and discreet enough to be undetected on the screen yet providing a great experience.

Its flat frequency response and effective noise cancellation feature are outstanding helping you get clear audio. This is an important feature in lavalier microphones as they have to do their job effectively without being exposed. The battery life of the microphone is pretty good, it powered by two AA batteries. The XLR connector comes in handy and makes it easy to operate.

Final Verdict

If you ignore its mammoth pricing then this a great lavalier microphone from sony. It has an omnidirectional mic, flat frequency response, great design and effective noise cancellation but you can’t ignore the price, can you? I’m not saying that it is not worth the money but paying such an amount for a lavalier microphone may feel weird.


The Sony ECM77B is another great lavalier microphone which is comparatively cheap than the previous one we reviewed. It is almost similar to the previous one as this also has an omnidirectional microphone but the design of Sony ECM77B may seem a bit big.


I can’t say everything in the first paragraph, not so dramatic.
Omnidirectional microphones are classic, they are pretty much made for scenarios in which Lavalier microphones are used. They capture audio from the direction they are pointed making them effective in outdoor scenarios and person to person interviews.

Visually it may seem quite big for a Lavalier microphone but it is undetectable, believe me. The cable of the microphone can be easily hidden and still it does its work perfectly, once again thanks to its omnidirectional mic.

One of the biggest highlights of this lavalier microphone is its price range. It clearly shows that they were aiming for a midrange market and have offered some amazing features too. So basically Sony beat Sony? Probably Yes!

Final Verdict

I’m not a fanboy of this or something but such an amazing lavalier microphone at this price range with all these features is amazing. The omnidirectional mic and wide frequency response are top-notch. Despite being large visually it is not detectable in the screen. It has a decent battery life which is powered by two AA batteries. And of course the price, Sony has nailed it!


This Sony lavalier microphone is a clip styled one which is designed especially for the person to person interviews and shows but that’s not even the highlight of it. It’s cheap, I mean way cheaper than anything you would expect from Sony because they are known for their premium microphones at premium prices.


Once again omnidirectional pickup pattern. Given the clip style design of this microphone, the omnidirectional pattern does help us. It picks up great audio while being clipped to our wardrobe. It captures the voice perfectly.

The rotating feature in its build gives us the flexibility of its placement. This may seem insignificant but it is really useful in TV scenarios. It works with laptops and PC to providing multi compatibility and can be used for various purposes from video calls to gaming to podcast recording!

Addressing the elephant in the room which is its incredibly affordable price offering great quality at this price the Sony ECMCS3 has got my vote.

Final Verdict

Sony has offered us a decent lavalier microphone for an incredibly affordable price. its clip design, omnidirectional pickup pattern and 360-degree flexibility are amazing but the problem comes in sound quality. It is not bad but not that good either but honestly, we can’t expect it to be the best at this price. if you are looking into using this lavalier microphone for professional scenarios I would recommend otherwise, it is strictly for casual usage.

This Sony Lavalier microphone is costly, really costly but this is probably the most professional Sony lavalier microphone you can get your hands on. It has an Omni lavalier microphone, body transmitter and a portable tuner. This microphone is great for Talk Shows and Conferences.


Lavalier microphones and omnidirectional pickup pattern make the best pair. This is incredibly useful in talk shows. The pickup pattern ensures you capture the audio-only from the source and ignores environmental noises.

The sender can be clipped to your belt or any part of your wardrobe and the receiver can be with your sound engineer. It helps in easy audio recording and editing on the go. This is once again helpful when you shoot something live and in talk shows.

Being a wireless system it offers a great deal of flexibility and transportability. The separate receiver and transmitter help in capturing great audio. Accompanied with wide frequency response you get clear audio. These are powered by AA batteries which can be helpful while shooting outdoor.

Final Verdict

Even though the price may seem a bit high once you start using the Sony Integrated digital wireless transmitter you will think that it is worth the money due to its suitability and professional-grade quality. Its omnidirectional pickup pattern and transmitter ensure you great audio. The battery life is a little concern but thankfully as it is powered by AA batteries you can always carry an extra pair, just in case.

This Lavalier microphone is Sony’s another attempt at tapping the midrange market. It is a wired lavalier microphone which can be of both advantage and a disadvantage. The body is quite big but doesn’t come as a problem with the camera. It has some of the great features in a budget price range.


The omnidirectional and the build helps to capture the audio perfectly. Its narrow and slender shape accompanies with a quality omnidirectional pickup pattern helps you capture the audio perfectly. It does not have leaks or does not capture sound from the surroundings. Its slender shape helps the mic to narrow down the audio source.

Even though it may seem that wired lavalier mic is a disadvantage it helps you to connect to a camera directly. The cable is long enough to maintain a comfortable distance between the frame and camera. From the camera’s point of view, the cable will not be visible although your placement matters too in this situation

A problem you may feel with this wired setup is that it is not very much portable friendly and can be a bit of a problem at times you have to disconnect it every time you decide to move.

Final Verdict

This Sony lavalier mic is a great option for indoor talk shows and conferences. It has a great omnidirectional pickup pattern for effective sound capturing. Though being wired the cable is adequately lengthy which can be connected to a camera instantly. The only problem you may feel is its weight and lack of portability. It is a great lavalier in this budget price range.

Conclusion: Best Sony Lavalier Mics to Buy Online

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