Neumann KMS 105 Microphone Review

Neumann KMS 105 Microphone Review

High-quality condenser mics are widely available and are excellent at capturing the singing voice in the controlled environment of the recording studio. However, have you ever faced the difficulty to produce identical levels of quality during a live performance on stage? In this article, we bring you the newest microphone from Neumann, The Neumann KMS 105 which solves this problem effectively.

When we talk about Neumann, we very well imagine a brand which is known worldwide for its legacy of producing fantastic studio microphones. Neumann now offers their uncompromising standards in an elegant, premium handheld microphone with the KMS-105.

Unleash the true power of your vocals with the Neumann KMS 105, the microphone that sets the standard for professional audio capture. With the help of this extraordinary piece of gear, your voice will be transformed into a stunning sound masterpiece as you confidently take the stage or enter the recording studio. The Neumann KMS 105 demands attention as a perfect tool for vocalists and audio enthusiasts alike thanks to its renowned sound quality, sturdy design, and wide range of possibilities. Your every note and whisper are perfectly reproduced with unmatched clarity and detail, making your goosebumps rise. The KMS 105 provides a superb audio experience regardless of whether you’re a seasoned performer, a committed audio engineer, or a passionate podcaster. 

Neumann KMS 105 Features

  • Brand: Neumann
  • Material Type: Nylon
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Connectivity type: XLR
  • Color: Matte Black
  • Compatible devices: Radio, Amplifier, Karaoke Machine, Speaker
  • Polar Pattern: Super-Cardioid
  • Item Weight: 1 pound
  • Product Dimensions : 8.1 x 3.5 x 3.3 inches

Neumann KMS 105 Specifications

Sound Quality

The Neumann KMS 105’s appealing sound quality is at the heart of it. Vocals are captured by the microphone with outstanding clarity and detail. It delivers a rich and realistic sound and accurately captures all the intricate details of the performer’s voice. Every note and syllable is precisely recorded thanks to the KMS 105’s smooth and balanced frequency response. Additionally, it is suited for live performances because of the better off-axis rejection offered by its cardioid polar pattern, which minimises undesired background noise and feedback.

Build Quality

In this case, the Neumann KMS 105 microphone’s design and its durability are referred to as its “build quality.” The KMS 105’s construction quality is remarkable and is distinguished by durable and high-grade materials.  It will endure the rigours of normal use and transport thanks to a strong metal casing adding strength and endurance to the microphone’s design. Furthermore, protection guards are effective at preventing injury to the vulnerable components of the structure. The KMS 105’s total quality of construction promotes the confidence that it will be reliable and last for a long time, which makes it an instrument to both sound engineers and professionals when working in a studio or on stage.

Design and Features:

The Neumann KMS 105 has a sophisticated and modern appearance. With its matte black finish, it raises sophistication and expertise. The cardioid polar pattern of the microphone prioritises frontal sound pickup while reducing pickup from the sides and back. This pattern is a great option for vocalists on stage or in the studio since it improves isolation and reduces bleed from other sound sources. The KMS 105 also includes a presence boost at 4 kHz that improves vocal clarity and intelligibility while preserving a natural sound. Additionally, an internal pop filter successfully decreases plosive noises brought on by consonants like “p” and “b.”


The KMS 105 is appropriate for various audio tasks thanks to its exceptional adaptability.  While its primary objective is to record vocals, it also has the ability to accurately and precisely record different kinds of acoustic instruments like guitars or pianos. Moreover, in terms of transparent and precise sound reproduction, the microphone is a good choice for broadcasting on Voiceover, podcasting or broadcasting. Its cardioid polar pattern and strong off-axis rejection help reduce background noise and guarantee crystal-clear audio capture.  The KMS 105 comes in utility in recording studios, concerts, and other areas where music production takes place, thanks to its versatility. Having the boon to adjust to various noise sources, it has become a multifunctional tool for the recording of high-quality audio in a range of applications.

Investment Value

Price is one aspect to take into account while considering the Neumann KMS 105. The KMS 105 is in keeping with the reputation of Neumann microphones for their exceptional quality. Although it might be more expensive than some other options available on the market, its performance and durability make the cost worthwhile. The KMS 105 offers remarkable value for money for professional musicians, audio engineers, and recording studios who place a high priority on endurance and exceptional sound quality.


The Neumann KMS 105 is currently priced at $729. To avail more discounts you can check up with bank offers and seasonal sales.

Pros and Cons


  • Superior audio quality with crisp, clear vocal reproduction
  • Strong structure and durable design.
  • Effective off-axis rejection to reduce unwanted background noise and feedback.
  • Versatile for collecting vocals, acoustic instruments, broadcasting, and voice-over work.
  • Sleek and flawless design.
  • A trustworthy brand having a track record for reliability and superior quality.


  • More expensive than some alternative microphone options
  • Only supports a cardioid polar pattern, which might not be appropriate for all recording situations.
  • For best results, you might need accessories like a microphone stand or shock mount (which aren’t often provided).
  • Requires phantom power, which might not be available in all audio configurations or settings.


The Neumann KMS 105 microphone excels in every area that matters to music industry experts. It is a top choice for live performances and studio recordings because of its captivating sound quality, strong built structure, appealing design, and numerous applications. Even though the cost could be a factor, buying the KMS 105 is a wise investment for people who seek consistent quality and dependability in their audio recording. 

It is an outstanding hand-held and close-miking voice condenser microphone with typical Neumann sound and build quality, making it appropriate for usage both on stage and in the studio.

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