How To Use Headset Mic On PC With One Jack?

How To Use Headset Mic On PC With One Jack?

The headphone is probably the most basic element on your desktop and most of the people prefer it too in place of external microphones or speakers, why? Because they are easy to use. Today, we’ll discuss how to use headset mic on pc with one jack. Yes, You Heard It Right, One Jack! But not just that, the sound quality of headsets are extremely amazing and pleasing which makes them comfortable to use. This is probably the main or even the only reason a lot of people prefer or use headsets.

Why Do People Prefer Microphones Over Earphones?

Microphones and earphones work almost in a similar manner but with a difference or a disadvantage. An earphone can always be used as a speaker and can be used as a mic most of the time but not all the time. Whereas a microphone can be used as a mic all the time but is not a good speaker at all.

This is a Headphone Jack.

What Are The Functions Of A Headphone Jack?

We should know how it works before using it right? Especially when you are going to use a splitter. Let me explain, The recent headphones that are in the market come with three separate rings in the jack which separates the golden contacts. In older headphones, there was only one ring which indicated that they are mono. If the jack has two rings it indicates that they are stereo.

Recent headphones come with three rings which separate the contacts into four parts, it indicates that not only they are stereo but also have the capability to get inputs. If you notice the ports in your PC you can see that one port will have one ring, which is mono and is used to get voice inputs from you and another port will have two rings, which is stereo and gives output enabling you to hear audio.

The splitters or commonly known as Y-adaptor splits the audio as I mentioned before. Connecting the adaptor to your PC in the right a\way is also extremely important. Just know that the pink coloured port or one ring port is for microphones and green coloured port that is two rings port is for stereo output. These Y-adaptors are fitted with two connectors: TRS and TRRS connectors. The best thing here is that if you own a laptop or a MacBook then it won’t be a problem as they have only one dual-purpose port which makes it extremely easy.

hd jack
Headphone With A Single Jack.

What Is The Problem In Using A Headset With A Single Jack?

For a long period, most headsets came with two jacks, one for audio output and one for audio input. But recently headsets come with a single dual-purpose jack instead if two jacks. The problem here is that most PC still has two separate ports which make it difficult to connect our single jack headset.

Imagine buying a costly headset and realizing that you cannot connect it to your PC, it will be heartbreaking. Even if you go for Bluetooth headphones, which are pretty good and pretty expensive, to support PC’s with no Bluetooth feature, they come with wires and cables for easy connectivity. Once again the problem here is that they come with a dual-purpose single jack, which you can’t connect to PCs which have two ports.

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How To Tackle This Problem?

The answer is simple, invest in a splitter. What does it do? Remember how we talked about headsets having one jack instead of two because their cables have been merged and made into a dual-purpose one? What a splitter does is that it simply splits it, as the name says. The audio input and audio output are redirected to their respective ports easily.


Why Does Your Headphone Not Work Despite The Splitters?

If you have much older PC’s then this might be a problem for you. Even if you use your headphones with splitters it may not work. Do the following to correct that issue:

  • Click on start
  • Go to the control panel
  • Select the sound option
  • A pop-up will open and now click on the recording
  • A list of devices will appear on your screen. Find the one you are using and make it default
  • If the list of devices does not pop-up then select the options setup microphone. Windows will automatically detect whether there are any input devices inserted
  • Now just apply your changes and test it out

In case if you are using macOS then follow these steps:

  • Either click on the volume icon or search for sound in finder
  • Open the sound preferences  option
  • Go to the input tab in the popup which will open
  • Select the device you are using and set that one as the default

But once again if it does not work then there is some issue with your port or the headphone so replace it then. 

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