How to Split Audio in Audacity – the Quest for Perfect Audio

How To Split Audio in Audacity

Whether you are an interviewer, YouTuber, podcaster or music producer you need to have a perfect audio in order to succeed or get a reach and we cannot get that perfect piece of audio just in our recording, we have to edit it, put some efforts in audio editing to have a great outcome which is our goal here right?

So you have to spend money for editing? Hire someone? Not at all! Basic editing like splitting audio can be done just by yourself with Audacity.

Audacity is a perfect audio editing application in which you can do, be it basic edits or advanced. Now I cannot explain each and every component of Audacity but I can sure help you how to split audio in Audacity.


But What is Audio Splitting?

In simple words audio splitting is the process of separating recordings without cutting any of our production. This helps you make short verses and interludes effectively. As complicated as it sounds (It doesn’t) Audacity makes it easy to do with its wide range of features.

How to Split Audio in Audacity

Splitting of audio is the basic component when it comes to sound editing and understating this help you in cutting sound files. So let me in simplest way possible on how to split audio.

Step 1: The 1st Step is to install Audacity, obviously. It is a free editing tool which is available in their website. Download the setup file and install it in your respective PC or Laptop.

How to split and merge audio files using Audacity

Step 2: Open your audio file or music file with audacity. Click the File option and choose your file. On the top icon bar you will see a tool with the letter I on it. Now click that.

Step 3: Once you have clicked that select the part where you need to split and left click at that point. A thin line will appear in the area you have clicked. In case you are unsure you can zoom in using Ctrl+1 to be more accurate.

Step 4: Now go to the Edit top menu and select the option Clip boundaries, the select the option Split. Or if you are lazy as I am just press Ctrl+I. Once you select the option a thicker line will appear in the area you selected to confirm your separation.

Step 5: Now you will need to drag the separated audio apart. For this you will see an icon which looks like two arrows together, it is called a Time shift tool, click it. Now with your left mouse button drag the audio. And that’s it Audio split complete!


How to cut audio in Audacity automatically

But now again you will have a question, splitting audio at one point or area in a music file is easy but how to split multiple parts? Because we all know splitting multiple parts of audio is a time consuming process when done manually. The simple answer to it is- audacity split-track feature. There are functions called Labels and Export multiple using which you simplify splitting multiple parts of audio and save some time.

The label option helps you mark the cuts and also allows you to name every single separated audio snippet.

How to split audio in audacity

Step 1: Click the Selection Tool option with the icon I. left click the beginning of the area where you need to split.

Step 2: Now go to the top menu Edit, point your cursor at Labels option and then select Add label at selection. Once again if you are lazy just press Ctrl+B. you will notice a new label track created with a new label mark on the area you selected.

Step 3: Type the name your file name on the label.

Step 4: Repeat the same process for how many separations you want and type your desired file name for each label. Finally if you are happy with the labels you can now export it.

Audacity Split Audio Track

Audacity Split Track Tutorial

If you have well-defined silences in your music file then it is much easier to split tracks using Audacity

Step 1: Go to the Select top menu and select the option All or just press Ctrl+A. this will automatically select the whole recording.

Step 2: Now go to the Analyze top menu and select the option Silence Finder. Now keep in mind that this will only work as I have said before, if your respective recording or music files has well defined and distinguished silence point in the track.

Step 3: A dialog box will be displayed on screen where you can select and edit the parameters according to your desire. After completing it just click OK.

Step 4: After analyzing your recording Audacity will automatically create labels throughout your recording based on the silence in the file.

Step 5: In some places you may not want to split the audio so what you need to do for that is delete the label. To do that you first need to click on Selection tool and click on parts where you don’t want to split. Then go to the Edit top menu and select the option Delete or if you are a fan of shortcuts then simply press Ctrl+K.

Step 6: If you are satisfied with the labels now you came name them individually and export it.

Exporting the Split Audio

We have been discussing about splitting audio tracks manually, automatically and splitting multiple audio tracks but how to export it once you are done with the edits? Follow these steps to export your edited file successfully:

Step 1: Once you are done with the labels you can export the split tracks as separate files. Now go to the top menu File, place the cursor on Export and select the option Export multiple.

Step 2: A dialog box will appear on your display on your screen. Choose the option Labels under the Split Files based on: and then click the export button.

Step 3: Next, you will be asked whether you want to add any metadata to the audio file in a dialog box. If it is necessary for you to add metadata then fill out the respective fields and click OK. You need to remember that you have to add metadata for every split track separately and not as a whole which can be a very time consuming process. So if you want to add metadata to every split track and then use the Template feature to save time. 

Merging Audio Files

Merging audio files is far easier than splitting audio. Follow these steps carefully to merge files (just kidding its an easy process)

Step 1: First of all make sure that you have selected two audio files because merging, isn’t that the whole point of it. 

Step 2: After you have selected your audio files click the Timeshift tool option which looks like a two sided arrow.

Step 3: Now place the Timeshift tool at the beginning of the second audio.

Step 4: Click the point and drag it towards the end of the first audio carefully. The line at the beginning of the second audio file must be directly on top of the line at the end of the first audio file. They must coincide each other to marge perfectly so that there are not any awkward silences or blank gaps between the merged audios.

Step 5: Using the steps mentioned in “Export the file” section export your merged file to your desired location or in short, go to the top menu File, place the cursor on the export option on the Export option and export in whichever format you want.



It does not matter whether you pursue youtube, podcasting or music producing as a hobby or you are a professional in media background you will come across and need the skill of Audio Editing. 

It is a significant skill in production which can ensure that the outcome is perfect because audio plays a huge part. Basic knowledge about things like Splitting of audio or Merging audio files can take you only far enough but in order to master it you have to work harder and put more effort because editing, whether it be video or audio, is not as easy as it sounds.

For these purposes, whether for learning audio editing or do some professional editing, Audacity is a great application which is available for free. I really hope that you use it and learn a lot more about audio editing.

I also really hope that this tutorial on how to split audio in audacity has provided you a clear insight on how to Split audios, how to Split multiple audios, how to merge audio files and how to export audio files. Once again I would like to say that these are nothing but basics, what you know is just a drop.


Thanks for Reading :)

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