How to Make Beats on GarageBand

How to Make Beats on GarageBand

While almost everyone enjoys listening to music, some people enjoy making music. The passion leads to creating music that many of us relax, enjoy, dance to, sing along to, have fun with, and more. 

Initially, the process of making music was limited only to particular individuals or organisations. However, times have changed, and the music production/ creation system has changed. Thanks to technological advancements, anyone can make music using digital appliances such as mobile phones and laptops. And on top of that, you need not know how to play a musical instrument.

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It is not a dream that it is possible to make music using smartphones, tablets, and laptops; it has become a reality; the diverse applications on the app store make the process much easier. Out of the endless number of applications, Garageband is one of the famous and reliable choices. Let’s check out how to make beats on GarageBand.

What is GarageBand?


Apple’s software is meant for creating music that comes with a studio to record and a model known as “express mode”. The application or software has many real instrument effects to provide the most realistic sound. In other words, it simulates a real music studio, providing users with lessons and sounds such as vocals, percussion, rhythm and everything one might require while creating a soundtrack.

It comes pre-installed on iOS devices such as iPhones, MacBooks and iPads or maybe on Android devices. The ease of access varies on each device. For instance, MacBook has the touch bar feature, which entirely makes learning, creating, and editing music-making soundtrack creation a smooth process. 

How to make beats on GarageBand

For the beginning of any soundtrack, one requires beats. GarageBand allows for the creation of beats without any problems. Here’s how you can get started: 

Beats 1


Templates are a way of creating beats quickly. GarageBand offers templates of various genres to make the creation process lightning fast. For instance, you can choose Hip Hop, Trap or EDM templates if you aim to make music of that genre. You can begin a new project, and instead of selecting an empty project, you could go ahead with templates. 

Start a new project and select Project Templates instead of Empty Project. Browse for the specific genre you’re looking for, and you’re good to go ahead with the creation process. 

However, it is not mandatory to use a template to create beats. Adopting this method earns the top recommendation when beginning to learn the software. By using this method in the initial days of learning, you will be able to grasp the functioning of the software quickly. 


 It is no secret that a good beat requires a key factor- drums. With GarageBand, starting the beat creation process is easy as the software provides in-built drummers under its drummer feature. 


Many songs are created using parts from other songs, also known as samples from other songs. The Loops feature is part of the software that keeps the samples part in mind. 

The Loop Browser in the software (in the upper-right corner) has over 10,000 loops suitable for various genres. Drums, percussion, stings etc., are all available in the software under this feature. 

It is another easy way to create beats using the software’s in-built features. 

Once selected, the loops start playing on their own. After carefully reviewing them and finding one that suits your liking, drag the particular loop to the Workspace. 

Also, you don’t need to use the whole sound of the loop. Using the Editor option, when you double-click on a loop, you will be able to edit the loop and change various settings related to the loop. 

Not satisfied with the in-built features? Want to incorporate parts that are personalised and customised? There’s no need to worry as GarageBand offers the users to play their parts if required by the user. The feature allows users to make customised beats using the instruments already installed in the software. Selecting from various instruments, such as drums, and keyboards, among others, users can choose the different instruments and then record.

The record feature is also in-built. The best part is that you don’t need a whole instrument to record your customised details. You can use your PC’s keyboard to make your desired beats. It is known as “Musical Typing” and allows you to use the different instruments provided by the app and utilise them through the keyboard on your MacBook or iPad.


After creating the beats, you have to arrange the beats according to your taste. You can move the samples in any way you like. It’s that easy. There’s not a lot more to it. 

There is more powerful software in the market, but GarageBand almost has everything, and it will perfectly fit your needs. However, if you feel the requirement to shift to new and more powerful software, you can always make the change. 

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