How To Fix Sound Coming Out Of Only One Headphone?

How To Fix Sound Coming Out Of Only One Headphone?

I think almost all of us would’ve faced this problem one time or another. Sound will come only from one side of a headphone. Today, We’ll discuss a possible solution to this problem, and try to get a satisfactory answer to the question: How To Fix Sound Coming Out Of Only One Headphone? Very few times the issue gets rectified by itself magically, maybe due to some loose contact but sadly most of the time that’s not the case.

Why Is It Such A Serious Issue?

This can be an issue for different people who use headphones for different purposes. First and foremost being the experience, this issue just completely ruins the experience but other than that there are some specific problems which people may face.

  • If you are into gaming and you use the headset for that purpose then it will ruin your experience and in battle royale type games it may even cost you the game.
  • If you are into music production you won’t be able to completely analyze the music, especially if it’s stereo as the sound gets divided and you won’t be able to hear some specific parts of the audio
  • If you are working professionally in the field of communication, this issue may lead to some serious misinterpretations of data
  • This issue can not only affect your work but also your health. They cause headaches sometimes and even earaches.
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Why Does This Problem Occur?

This issue may arise due to a plethora of reasons and it is somewhat tough to point out at one cause. Here are some reasons why you may face this issue:

  • Sometimes the headphones you use may not be actual headphones but just mono earpiece. Even though you might have noticed it there are a lot of people who confuse between the two devices.
  • The audio or sound you are playing maybe mono. This is a case even I have encountered a lot of time. This may be the fault of audio most of the time or sometimes sound editing. I have experienced this issue before and for a moment I was shocked. So make sure to check your headphone with multiple audio tracks to make sure that it is the fault of the headphone.
  • Your sound system’s speaker balance may be misadjusted. This directs all the sound to a single speaker completely disabling the other side. Check your sound system’s settings, in their sound balance settings to make sure about that.
  • The audio connector you are plugging into may physically or electrically be damaged which should be repaired or replaced. Make sure to check your headphone with another device to figure out whether it is a problem of a particular device’s port or your headphone’s connector.
  • Your headphones cable may have some problem like some small cuts or another electrical issue. If your headphone’s cable is replaceable then do replace it or else try getting it repaired. 
  • If you are using some sort of splitter like the Y-adaptor then make sure that it is in a good condition. Sometime these mediator connectors may have some problem and not the headphone or the device itself.
  • Some headphones will have a sound balance system. It may be misadjusted or could have been damaged physically or electrically. If there is a knob in your headphone for sound and balance adjustment then try turning them back and forth several times, maybe even twenty-thirty time. This will scrape most corrosion off the knob allowing the headphone to improve. But sadly if there is no knob then you cannot do anything.
  • Sometimes there may be worse technical damages such as a blown internal amplifier or broken wire or broken solder joint or maybe even a blown speaker. You may need to get it replaced or repaired.

Before doing something adverse with your headphone in the name of repairing it make sure that you check them well because sometimes a very simple may have caused this and we may not realize it. So please go through all the points stated above to avoid unnecessary expense.

What Is The Ultimate Solution For This Problem?

If you are having an incredibly cheap headphone then I wouldn’t advise you to get it repaired or replaced. It is because at times the repair cost may be equal to the cost of the headphone and come on seriously? You can buy a new pair of headphones. But I wouldn’t advise if your headphones are costly because you cannot buy a new one right away. Make sure that you test them well before you give it for repair or replacement, be it a cheap one or a costly one.

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