7 Best Wireless Microphones for iPhone This Year

Best Wireless Microphone for iPhone

Do you need a DSLR or some other professional video camera to shoot videos in 2020? Technology has grown beyond what we expected, of course, we don’t have flying cars but we sure do have amazing smartphones, especially the iPhones. They have amazing cameras, lenses for multiple purposes and sometimes they are even at par with professional cameras.

So you can go and start shooting videos with your iPhone just like? Nah. You see the camera is amazing but the default inbuilt microphones are bad in smartphones if you want to record a video or a podcast or an interview so you will need an external microphone for sure, there is no doubt about that.

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Best Wireless Microphone for iPhone

Comica CVM-WS50 Comica CVM-WS50
  • LCD screen support
  • 6 optional channels available
  • Value for money
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FULAIM MX10 Microphone FULAIM MX10 Microphone
  • Omnidirectional mic
  • Real-time audio monitoring 
  • Good Battery Life
  • Value for money
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BOYA BY-WM2G Microphone BOYA BY-WM2G Microphone
  • Light-weighted
  • Compatible with many devices
  • Available at a cheap price
  • Omnidirectional mic
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Instamic Pro Microphone Instamic Pro Microphone
  • Small and wearable
  • Waterproof build
  • Live stream audio
  • Real-time audio monitoring
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FotoWelt WM-200 Microphone FotoWelt WM-200 Microphone
  • Dual wireless Lavalier mic system
  • Offers up to 100 frequencies
  • UHF band has a flexible antenna
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Saramonic SR-WM4C Microphone Saramonic SR-WM4C Microphone
  • High-band VHF
  • Works up to a range of 60 meters
  • Comes with one year warranty
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ZHUOSHENG Microphone ZHUOSHENG Microphone
  • Omnidirectional microphone
  • Flexible octopus tripod 
  • Works up to 60 meters in range
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But hey why wireless microphones? Why not wired? Well yes, wired microphones are great too. They are amazing and cheap but you’ll have to carry them around, A LOT.

Wired microphones do not give you freedom while shooting a video or recording something, especially for interviews. Come on, you don’t want to carry around your iPhone in one hand while conducting your dream interview.

Okay so how do you choose it? Thank me later because you need not. I have handpicked some of the best wireless microphones out there in the market right now:


The Comica CVM-WS50 is probably one of the best wireless microphone system available out there for smartphones. This has an LCD screen, a real-time audio monitor, supported by a tripod and has 6 optional channels. This is everything you need in an amazing smartphone.


Let’s talk about the LCD screen first because it is fancy. An LCD screen which shows the audio status, power consumption and can display channels? That is simply icing on the cake.

There are 6 optional channels available with flexible and easy channel matching. In case you have any kind of disturbance in the background or interference in the audio then you can switch channel immediately. This will be useful especially during interviews.

The audio status indicator in the LCD screen helps much more. Comica claims that it works up to 197ft. 197FT! of course, I think its an exaggeration because which mic can work up to 197ft and can work up to 98ft when obstructed. But this one does, they should rename this as social distancing microphone probably.

It may seem costly but we should also remember that it’s wireless. You cannot get a mini tripod with 360-degree rotation and 45-degree tilt under 10 USD, it’s a tripod!

Final Verdict

Yes, I didn’t say its price as a con because its worth it without a doubt. It has an LCD screen, real-time audio monitor, 6 optional channels, mini tripod and works up to 197ft and I’m already exhausted typing out so many features. You absolutely need not hesitate to buy this one.


The FULAIM MX10 is almost like the previous microphone we saw, additional UHF channels, real-time audio monitor, great operating distance and most of all justifiable cost but there are certain things which make it distinct.


The MX10 Lavalier microphone is an omnidirectional mic which means that it can capture audio from all directions unlike many other microphones out there which capture the audio in front of it.

An omnidirectional mic gives you freedom of placement and flexibility in recording audio. This will come handy during vlogs especially. 4 additional selectable UHF channels provide you with an option to switch when there is interference during the recording or any disturbances in the audio. This will help you get a crystal clear audio free of noises and background disturbances.

The mic works up to 164ft without any obstruction and 98ft with obstructions, I don’t think even my ears capture sound from that distance, just kidding, of course, I can hear. Once again this feature will help shoot vlogs. Probably the perfect mic during a pandemic.

Final Verdict

The FULAIM MX10 is a great wireless option for shooting videos on your iPhone. It has a great range, 4 channels, the battery life is amazing, omnidirectional mic and real-time audio monitoring. This would be suitable if you are into vlogging and have been doing for quite some time, it helps you a lot for, of course, quite a price. I have not stated its price tag as a con because of the value it offers to the users.


BOYA BY WM2G is an impressive wireless microphone with omnidirectional mic, wide compatibility and is light weighted. With an incredibly cheap price, it sure does impress us a lot but is it worth it? The WM2G has an omnidirectional microphone which allows flexibility in recording and positioning of the microphone. Omnidirectional mic in such a cheap wireless microphone is nothing but pure value for money.


This wireless microphone is not only compatible with smartphones but also many other devices like PC, Laptop and Go Pro. This makes shooting easy in different locations and it doesn’t matter if you don’t have your phone with you too.

The microphone is incredibly light weighted which makes it easy for you to carry around. A portable pouch bag is also included with the mic so travel made easy here.

These are all on paper which attracts us. In practical of course it works up to 50ft and inexpensive but there are several complaints regarding the functioning of the mic. It stops working suddenly 10-15 mins into the shoot, audio signal gets lost time to time. This gets hard especially when you are shooting focused on a moving object or you are doing a vlog, its real bad. 

Yes not all the customers complained but we can’t spend money based on chances, you need to think beyond its price to choose a microphone.

Final Verdict

Cheap price is not the only thing to focus on while buying a microphone. Sure this is compatible with multiple devices, has an omnidirectional mic and is cheap but you gotta decide. Once again not everyone will have these problems, it may be the fault of the manufacturer or product design but I think we shouldn’t take chances. Not saying that you shouldn’t purchase this but have some second thoughts.

How about a microphone so small and light that you can wear it? The Instamic Pro is one like that. Its looks simple, it is simple, waterproof and is controllable with your smartphone. Isn’t this what every vlogger wants? A small and simple mic while you are doing something adventurous?


The Instamic Pro can be controlled with an app in your smartphone which makes your recording experience easy, it’s not just a click and record mic but there’s more.

You can control up to 10 Instamic Pros with one mobile device. It comes handy when multiple people are shooting at the same time for a video or multi-person interviews.
You can live stream the audio to any app or device that has Bluetooth connectivity. This helps you analyze the audio and background in multiple devices.

Did I say that it’s waterproof? Yes, it is. in case you were wondering how you are going to shoot while you are surfing or scuba diving seems like the choice is staring right in front of your face. The Instamic Pro can be mounted anywhere we wanted using Velcro, tape or magnetic clips which are included in the package. You can also monitor the audio through the app in real-time.

Final Verdict

The Instamic Pro is a perfect option if you are planning to vlog while trekking or surfing or scuba diving. Its waterproof feature easily mountable facility helps you record audio smoothly. You can control multiple Instamic Pros with one device which is helpful in multi-person interviews. The price may seem a bit high but I would say go for it but only if you are a vlogger.

We always discuss YouTubers, Vloggers and Small-time interviewers but what about professionals who require much more than what ordinary wireless microphones have to offer? That’s where FotoWelt WM-200 comes in. it is costly but it’s so suitable for professionals, especially indie filmmakers, documentary makers and people having recognized youtube channels.


The WM-200 has a dual-channel UHF mic system which enables you to use two transmitters simultaneously, once again useful in professional scenarios.

You were shocked about the microphone working up to 190ft? this one works up to 100 meters. Yes, on an unobstructed open area this Fotowelt WM-200 microphone can capture audios up to 100 meters. Social distancing is getting very serious. UHF band with flexible antenna ensures strong signal transmission and low latency in audio. It also automatically suppresses background and environmental noises.

Final Verdict

Yes, I didn’t put its huge price tag as a con because it is worth it. It has everything, dual wireless system, 100 meters range, powered by battery and DC, 100 frequencies. I mean this is so perfect for professional filmmakers. You may have some problems with its cost but if you are someone who is into professional film making, vlogging or recording then this one is for you and worth it.

This is probably what I call “Cheap and best”, not the greatest thing available in the market but provides amazing value for the price you pay for it, even more. It has high-band VHF, four switchable channels, flexible compatibility and supported by an application. 


It has a high-band VHF which captures pure and clear audio up to 60 meters with no obstacles and is assisted by real-time monitoring. The increase in range does not interfere with the quality of audio as it still is satisfying. 

There are four switchable channels available in this wireless microphone system so if there is any noticeable interference in the audio or high latency then you can switch to another channel without any problem. 

It also has a detachable antenna which can be rotated for 360 degrees.The microphone system is also supported by an application which helps you record free from a distance and is useful in broadcast interviews and presentations.

The major highlight of this is its price. This is not the cheapest microphone in the world but for a wireless microphone which offers so many features, it is a great price.

Final Verdict

If you are restricted by a budget and want a quality wireless mic system then Saramonic SR-WM4C is your option. It costs less, has an application to support, has a high-band VHF, comes with a one year warranty, compatible with DSLRs, range up to 60 meters. The features are impressive. It is useful for amateur YouTubers, Vloggers and Video makers.

The ZHUOSHENG wireless microphone has a very weird name but it also comes at different versions X7, WM9, XS9, WM10 which you can buy according to your need but the primary focus of our review is going to be on X7 version, finally. The X7 microphone is easy to use as you can just plug and start recording. This wireless mic is a great choice for vlogging and live streaming due to its flexible usability.


It offers real-time audio monitoring which shows the audio status and can be easily monitored through your smartphone. It also has ultra-high frequency radio wave technology which reduces interference in the recording and helps the mic to operate up to 60 meters in range.

X7 has an omnidirectional microphone which helps the user to capture sound in all directions while eliminating noises. It also comes with twenty selectable channels which can be changed in case you notice any interference in any channel.

Final Verdict

There are almost no cons for this microphone. It has a medium price tag, omnidirectional mic, octopus tripod, real-time audio monitoring and works up to 60 meters in range. This is an easy to use wireless microphone system which can be plugged and played. It can be really useful for YouTubers and vloggers if you are one you sure can go for it.

Conclusion: Best Wireless Microphone for iPhone

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