7 Best USB Microphone For Vocals [Singing Essentials]

7 Best USB Microphone For Vocals [Singing Essentials]

First of all when I say “USB Microphone for Vocals” you would ask why USB over XLR? Why would you do that? Because it’s simple, connectivity. Connectivity is a huge aspect these days because it just saves a lot of time and sometimes even money.

Seriously, if you have an XLR connector sometimes you would have to buy some external parts so that you can connect it to your PC or Mac. Having a USB connector facilitates you a much easy 

So yes, plug and play is the main reason why people go for USB microphones but it’s much more important than we realize. These vocal microphones just emphasize on connectivity which makes it easy for users and sometimes it’s the top priority.

These are  the 7 Best USB Microphone for Vocals Available  in the Market right now:

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7 Best USB Microphones For Vocals

Apogee Mic Plus Microphone Apogee Mic Plus Microphone
  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • Highly sensitive mic
  • Easy connectivity
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Blue Yeti USB Microphone Blue Yeti USB Microphone
  • Four selectable polar patterns
  • Three custom capsule condensers
  • Durable
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Fifine K669B Microphone Fifine K669B Microphone
  • Plug and play easily
  • Additional volume knob for easy control
  • Full metal construction
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Neat Beecaster USB Microphone Neat Beecaster USB Microphone
  • Four selectable pickup patterns
  • Built-in zero latency
  • Built-in pop filter
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Shure MV51 Microphone Shure MV51 Microphone
  • Touch controls for easy use
  • Integrated read kickstand for stability
  • Full metal construction
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Audio-Technica AT2020 Microphone Audio-Technica AT2020 Microphone
  • Smooth and extended frequency
  • Wide compatibility
  • Mix control and volume control
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Rode NT USB Microphone Rode NT USB Microphone
  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • Pressure gradient condenser
  • Zero-latency monitoring
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Apogee Mic Plus is a, as we know, USB microphone dedicated for vocals which comes at a mid-price range. Not the most premium model you will see in the market but good enough to get the work done comfortably. It has impressive features such as cardioid polar pattern, zero latency and easy plug and play.


The cardioid polar pattern is more like a necessity when it comes to vocal microphones as the pickup pattern is very important. It captures your voice well along with the ambience of your environment to give a more natural effect. It has a highly sensitive mic which captures even low-frequency sounds. Makes your output sound more accurate.

When the audio goes through high-end preamp the quality of the audio is improved a lot. One of the best features of this microphone is its easy portability. As I said and the name says obviously, USB connectivity helps you connecting with iOS devices, PC and laptop. Easy plug and play.

The setup is extremely easy and time-saving. The real-time zero-latency monitoring helps you see the audio stats while the recording is going on.  It is indeed one of the finest vocal microphone for live singing.


Final Verdict

This microphone is amazing with impressive features but the only problem is its pricing. It simply does not have the value for the price. This undersells all other features which are quite impressive. If you are here only for the features and are ready to spend some money to get a quality vocal mic then you can go for it.


Blue Yeti is one of the most innovative brands out there in the microphone market with some of the best features. This Blue Yeti mic has some of the most impressive features in the whole microphone market and the value for money is incredible too.


The four selectable polar patterns are the most attractive feature in this mic. It comes with the stereo, omnidirectional, bidirectional and cardioid polar pattern. You can select any pickup pattern according to your needs. It also has custom three capsule array which enhances the quality of audio multifold.

It produces clear and noise-free audio effectively. It can be used for multiple purposes and not just for vocal. It proves its versatility. The microphone has easy to use controls. Let it be changing pickup patterns or volume adjustment of microphone gain, it’s very easy to change and control. Many singers uses this USB microphone for live singing.

Comes in handy for immediate changes during the recording. Apart from these amazing features it also has a stunning design. Has a unique stand which makes it easy for placement. It also has a full metal classic design making it incredibly durable in the long run.

Final Verdict

This Blue yeti microphone is one of the most valuable products in the market right now. It has amazing features which are completely versatile. Even though I have stated its fading quality as a con because some people have reported regarding that but that’s a probability of getting a defective product which is not in our hands.

Fifine USB Microphone

The Fifine USB microphone is a great one for vocals, thanks to its metal condenser recording. It has impressive features such as cardioid polar pattern, full metal build and easy controls. The microphone comes with a 5.9 foot USB cable which can be plugged and you can start using it right away without any issues.


Along with its easy connectivity, the length of the cable facilitates extended setup and you can easily tackle your recording space problems. Once again this may seem small but people who have a recording booth at an awkward position will know the value.

The Fifine microphone has a sturdy metal construction which provides durability on the long run. It also has a stable tripod which can be easily placed near your computer. It gives you amazing stability while recording your vocals. The recording microphone also has an additional volume knob which gives a louder and clearer sound. 

Thanks to its highly sensitive mic it captures your voice perfectly and even low frequency sounds to make the output more accurate. The cardioid polar pattern captures your voice perfectly and isolates it from background noises while also completely ignoring the static noise. This feature helps vocalists record more clean and clear audio without any sort of disturbances.


Final Verdict

A Fifine USB microphone is one of the most ideal microphones for vocalists. It has a metal construction, tripod, ignores background noises, additional volume knob which gives you more control and extreme durability. It facilitates for a recording experience and elevates the audio quality multifold.

Can we all take a minute and just appreciate how beautiful this microphone simply is? It’s so impressive that I will buy it and I will recommend everyone to buy it too. But apart from this, the microphone is a budget microphone with some really impressive features.


The mic has a multi-pattern with clear full-range audio. It helps you record extremely clear audio with its 24 bit/96kHz audio range. It is an excellent option for vocalists and music recorders. You can also use it for podcasts making it a flexible option. It comes with incredible four switchable patterns: Mono, Stereo, wide stereo and focused stereo. 

Its stereo focused polar patterns make it a much more dedicated microphone for vocalists and music recorders. The flexible boom makes it easy for positioning while recording. The microphone has a built-in zero latency output to analyze the audio in real-time. It has a high-fidelity headphone amplifier which also helps your monitor your audio as you record. Helps you figure out any problems in audio immediately.

It also has a built-in pop filter to help leave out unnecessary low frequency sounds like breathing sounds and handling noises are neglected. High-quality professional-grade audio is guaranteed. 


Final Verdict

This is an excellent budget option which has some great features but I have to say that it does not provide you with complete professional experience and I don’t think we should expect much too at this price range but for its price, it provides us with more value than what we pay. Plus we should appreciate its incredible design which is top-notch. The build quality is amazing too making this microphone a very attractive option for vocalists.

Shure is one of the most reliable brands when it comes to microphone market. They have been in the market for years providing us great microphones for an incredible value. The Shure MV51 is a mid-range priced microphone with some impressive features.


The microphone comes with 5 DSP preset modes: Speech, Singing, Flat, Acoustic instrument and Loud. Completely dedicated to vocalists and musicians. Its presets are incredibly useful for professionals and will not let you down.
It automatically adjusts gain, EQ and compression according to have optimal results. It limits any extreme fluctuations while recording. 

The front panels have touch controls for mode selection, head volume microphone gain and mute too. Makes it much easier for the user to control the audio. It comes with an integrated rear kickstand provides optimal positioning on any setup. It ensures incredible stability for the recording. It also has a standard mount on any microphone stand. 

The all-metal construction is one of the best features of this microphone at this price range. Makes the mic incredibly durable and sustainable in long run. The vintage design makes the mic look attractive. 

Final Verdict

Yeah, no cons! Because that’s how good it is. One of the most valuable microphones out there. Having some of the most amazing features it is extremely handy for vocalists and musicians. Its incredible durability gives us long run usage comfortably. The 5 DSP presets makes it dedicated for vocalists. I highly recommend this microphone to everyone, one of the Best.

Audio-Technica is one of the most innovative companies when it comes to microphones. They produce great microphones at a budget or a mid-ranged price making them incredibly valuable for the money we pay. This Audio-Technica AT2020 is an award-winning line of their AT series which has some incredible features. It is their price that may bother us but let us see.


This microphone is designed for digital recording purposes so being a USB Microphone it makes it much more compatible for it. The audio quality is simply amazing as it has a high-quality A/D converter with 16bit 44.1/48 kHz sampling rate. Produces clear and high-quality audio without any interference in the audio. 

It has mix control which allows you to blend your microphone signal and pre-recorded audio in real-time without any delay. You can monitor the signal of the audio on real-time too providing you immediate control over it. The AT2020 has a smooth and extended frequency response which provides incredible stability in your audio and at the same time helps your voice sound smooth. One of the most important features a vocalist looks for in a mic.

The USB connection is compatible with almost all versions of windows and Mac making it highly user friendly.It is the price that maybe our concern as it is high. Even though there is value for money in this product, a lot of people will feel like the price is high and I think it’s inevitable at this price range.

Final Verdict

The Audio-Technica AT2020 is a great microphone with some impressive features but still, I would say no. the specifications are amazing and a great option but pricing is a problem along with its build quality. Considering the price it being sold it should have a full metal build. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this mic but still if you want a great microphone and are willing to go for it then yeah.

It is almost impossible to have a list of microphones without Rode in it because that’s how reputed they are. They have been in this industry for years providing great microphones at an affordable or mid-range price. Rode are simply known for the value for money they provide.


Talking about this Rode NT, I have personally recommended this microphone to a lot of people for multiple purposes because that’s how good it is. Its price may feel a bit high but in this case, the value you receive for the price is incredible too. 

Coming to features this microphone has an incredible cardioid pickup pattern which captures your voice accurately along with the environmental ambience. It makes the audio’s tone more natural and smooth rather than raw and crisp. The pressure gradient condenser picks up sound accurately even if it is low frequency. It has a frequency range of 20Hz-20kHz making ideal for vocalists and music producers.

It comes with a headphone jack to help with real-time audio monitoring so that you have more control over audio which helps you makes immediate changes. The direct mix between mic input and the output source simply enhances the audio on multiple levels. The pop shield provided along with the mic helps you avoiding noises like mic rumblings, vibrations and mechanical noises and makes your audio super clean. 

Final Verdict

Not having a metal build is the only complaint I can give for this mic which is disappointing but of all the microphones we have seen in the list this is the closest one which we can call ‘Premium’. It is not premium exactly but has everything that says premium. I would highly recommend for anyone who wants a high-quality microphone for vocals.


1. Are USB microphones better than analogue microphones?

The popular opinion is that XLR microphones are better than USB microphones. But not always. In some cases, the USB microphones work better than the XLR microphones. It wholly depends on the quality of the microphone that you are working with. However, at the same price range for an XLR Microphone and a USB microphone, it is more likely that the XLR microphone will work better than the USB microphone.

2. Are USB microphones suitable for podcasts?

If you buy a good quality USB microphone, it can definitely be used to record podcasts of top-notch quality. 

3. Can USB microphones be used for conference calls?

USB microphones are the most suitable choice for attending conference calls. So yes! It’s a green flag from our side and you should definitely use USB microphones for attending conference calls without worrying about audio quality.

4. Is it possible to connect a USB microphone to an Android phone or tablet?

Yes! It is definitely possible for you to connect a USB microphone to your Android phone or tablet by using an OTG adapter. Regardless, of the app that you are using, you can use the microphone with the help of an OTG adapter. 


Conclusion: 7 Best USB Microphones For Vocals

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