7 Best Portable Vocal Booths [Unbiased] Review

7 Best Portable Vocal Booths [Unbiased] Review

Let me guess, you are an aspiring filmmaker or podcaster or YouTuber who wants to increase their quality but don’t have money to do so? I can pretty much relate to it. Not everyone has an access to a studio or a professional setup and even if you have access I’m sure that you don’t have enough money to afford it. 

These things can be a big problem in the area of audio because audio is the soul. What if I tell you that there is an alternative that you go for? Yes, a portable vocal booth. They are not substitutes for a perfectly-sound proofed room unless you live in one but these are great and sustainable if you have a minimum amount to spend and want to increase your audio quality.

Best Portable Vocal Booth 2020

Porta Booth Pro Porta Booth Pro
  • Surrounding similar to an auditorium
  • Travel friendly
  • Easy to assemble
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Aston Halo Portable Aston Halo Portable
  • Unique structure and design
  • Improved room isolation
  • Incredibly lightweight
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Lyx Pro VRI-40 Lyx Pro VRI-40
  • Sturdy. Made of aluminum
  • Eliminates audio wave bounce back 
  • Light weighted and portable
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Monoprice Microphone Isolation Shield Monoprice Microphone Isolation Shield
  • High density absorbing foam frontal
  • Foldable in nature
  • Vented metal back panels
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Pyle Recording Shield Box Pyle Recording Shield Box
  • Sound dampening foam covered interior
  • Suitable for podcasting and vocals
  • Incredible price range
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CAD Audio Acoustic Shield CAD Audio Acoustic Shield
  • Made out of stainless steel
  • Eliminates unwanted noises and echoes
  • Foldable in nature
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Rockville Rock shield 1 Rockville Rock shield 1
  • Coated with sound dampening foam
  • Professional audio recording experience 
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If you are new to this and do not have any idea about which one to purchase then don’t worry, I will help you do it. Here are some of my top portable vocal booth right now in 2020:


A portable vocal booth may not be as good and professional as a perfectly soundproofed room but you gotta have something close to that right? That’s where Prota Booth Pro comes in. It gives an auditorium like feel while recording and editing, interior surfaces are coated with studio foam and has slots for shotgun microphones.


You chose a vocal booth because you do not have access to soundproof rooms but that does not mean that you have to settle for some bad setup, the Porta Booth Pro has an incredible auditorium like environment while recording.

Its interior surfaces are coated with Auralex Acoustics Studiofoam which first of all feels like a comfortable miniature bed for cats but it is also one of the best surfaces used even by pros! 

It also has two rear shots for shot-gun microphones and cables for boom arms, isn’t that amazing? There are anti-sway strap and booth lifter for boom arm mounting which can be assembled quite easily. Precise audio recordings from different sources. Seems like you will become a pro with this one.

But how can you transport it? Well it comes with a travel bag, weighs very less just around 7 pounds and it is very suitable for air travel. Want to move your setup? Not gonna be a problem at all.

Final Verdict

The Porta booth pro is an excellent choice if you don’t mind the unsteady stand. Has a great recording environment but can be a problem because it’s too comfortable at a time making your voice muffled. It is a great product for the price you pay.


You can add cushions, cover the whole area and stuff but can the shape and structure of the booth itself give you a great space for recording excluding all those other things? Aston Halo portable mic says yes. Its amazing minimalist design does the work.


The minimalistic and futuristic structure of the booth which looks like a mask straight outta video game is good that it is patented by Aston microphones. It improves room isolation but does not dominate the room sound. It has this wave-formed surface which helps the diffuse direct sound.

The surface area is bigger and has 360-degree filtering, not just a horizontal plane but vertical too thanks to its unique shape.

The Halo is made from a patented PET felt which is one of the most lightweight and efficient technical acoustic products in the market, so what does it mean? It means that it is incredibly light weighted. Minimalistic, uncomplicated, and light-weighted, kinda perfect isn’t it?

Final Verdict

The Aston Halo Portable microphone may seem a bit pricey but it’s worth the money. It does not show you some fancy features and specifications which you cannot understand. It’s plain, simple, and understandable which makes this product stand out.


Do you play musical instruments and want to record it professionally? Chances are you have found your ideal portable booth. The Lyx Pro VRI-40 comes in various sizes: Mini, Size Large, and Size Ex-Large. 


The high-quality acoustic sound-absorbing foam isolation gives you a suitable condition and a comfortable ambiance for recording. Whether it be a studio, home, or office space room ambiance will not a problem of yours.

This portable vocal booth is good for voice recording but it is great for instrumentals. It eliminates audio wave bounce back and interference. So if you are playing an instrument or recording a song you will have crisp audio.

It is light weighted and it can be assembled easily anywhere at any time. The high-end light and solid aluminum panels come fully assembled already, all you need to do is tighten some screws and you’re good to go! The microphone setup is, is there a word for easier than easy? That’s how easy it is to set up a microphone.

Final Verdict

Lyx Pro VRI-40 is great for instrumentals and songs, doesn’t mean that it is good for voice recording. I’m just saying that if you are into music recordings like covers or acoustic versions, given the price of it you can choose because not many portable vocal booths are out there for dedicated music recording.

The Monoprice Mic isolation shield, let me call it mono shield the name is too lengthy, is yet another minimalistic looking vocal booth which relies on its structure and a high density absorbing foam front.


It is also foldable which means that you can alter it based on the audio requirements, space available, and the room ambiance. You can create a tighter acoustic panel by folding it according to your requirements.

The interior surface of the portable vocal booth is made out of high density absorbing foam frontal and the back panels are made out of the vented metal plate. This makes sure that there is no sound elimination, echo, or a disturbance in audio. 

This one is suitable especially if you are into podcasting as it creates a suitable environment for it. 

The highlight of this Mono mic is its incredible price, costs way lesser than many other vocal booths out there, and also gets the job done.

Final Verdict

The Monoprice Microphone isolation shield is inexpensive and is also a great product, especially if you are into podcasting. If you don’t mind its weight and its customer service then you are good to go, great option inside the budget.

The Pyle Recording shield is a similar one to the Porta Booth Pro we looked at before, a Rubix cube like a vocal booth with foam covered interior. The only difference being this one is incredibly cheap.


The shield box features a sound dampening foam which eliminates unwanted sound from disturbing our audio quality. It also manages to block outside noises such as air conditioning and fans giving us a clean recording environment. 

The isolation box light-weighted and easily portable (we are literally talking about portable vocal booths). You can easily transfer the studio to the place of your desire for recording. The studio is great for recording podcasts, vocals, and instruments. 

An amazing feature of this isolation shield box would be its price. This comes in two types, single pack which consists of one booth, and 2 pack which has as the name says two booths.

Final Verdict

The Pyle recording shield box is an excellent choice for you to create a professional environment for sound recording which is covered by sound dampening foam. but the problem arises when you use it for some time and the foam comes off, maybe due to its cheap nature. If you are strictly under budget do go for it but if you aren’t restricted by it there are always premium options out there.

The CAD audio acoustic shield is reputed and well known in the field of audio. The audio acoustic shield is a great addition to their list of exceptional audio devices. The CAD acoustic shield comes in three variants: 16 inches, 22 inches, and 32 inches which can be selected according to your needs.


The shield is made up of high quality 16 gauge perforated stainless steel which gives a dry recording environment. The stainless shield also eliminates echoes and unwanted noises giving you perfect and crispy audio. The metal works efficiently and your sound quality will have increased multi-fold.

The disadvantage of having a stainless shield that eliminates unwanted exterior noises is that it comes but heavy which can be a problem especially when you are transporting. 

You may have to add soundproofing foam separately to the booth as they will give an improved performance rather than just stainless steel. The voice will be too metallic? Just kidding, the voice will too dry and may seem alienated.

Final Verdict

The stainless steel idea of CAD audio acoustic shield is great but you want to add a sound dampening foam on the interior. Yes, it gets the job done and reduces unwanted sounds but a foam coated interior will work better. It is incredibly cheap but as it comes in three variants you may want to check and purchase according to your needs.

The Rockville rock shield 1 which has a very cool name is similar to the Monoprice isolation shield, even looks the same. It has a sound dampening foam, vented metal back panels, and is also incredibly cheap. All these companies are charging so less and we are confused regarding which one to buy.


The Rock shield (once again a cool name) has a sound dampening foam that absorbs echoes & vibrations and creates a comfortable room ambiance. The vented metal back panels have a great noise reflection reduction. 

It has a mountable stand that will help you record in a fixed location providing a professional vocal booth style recording. The rugged finish makes it easy to transport.

The back panels are made from high-grade steel which makes it a bit heavy but thanks to its tripod foot design which keeps the shield stable

Did I mention that it comes in two variants? Yes, 3 panels and 5 panels. If you need a much closed and professional environment then go for 5 panels.

Final Verdict

Another great vocal booth with foam coating, reduces unwanted noises, metal back panel, and incredibly cheap. The only problem is that it is not distinguishable from other vocal booths, it does not have anything unique to it which makes it difficult to choose between but the Rockville Rock shield 1 is a great booth just under budget. 

Conclusion: Best Portable Vocal Booth

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