7 Best Microphones For Gaming [Pro Gamer’s Pick]

7 Best Microphones For Gaming [Pro Gamer’s Pick]

eSports is the new thing in the world right now with world cups and tournaments being held every year. There was a Fortnite world cup in 2019 which had a total prize pool of 30 million USD and the Dota 2 int6ernation which also had a prize pool for 30 million USD. Becoming a professional gamer and earning through it is everyone’s dream at this point.

Or you may not want to become a professional player, maybe just a streamer who streams high-quality games with amazing commentaries. Twitch streaming alone can give earn you a lot of money and most of all create yourself an audience base. All these require some of the Best Microphone for Gaming as well as for entertainment


Best Microphone for Gaming 2020

HyperX Cloud Stinger Microphone HyperX Cloud Stinger Microphone
  • Light-weighted
  • HyperX memory foam
  • 90-degree rotating ear cups
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SteelSeries Arctis 1 Gaming Headset SteelSeries Arctis 1 Gaming Headset
  • Light-weighted
  • Noice-Cancellation
  • Steel reinforced headband
  • Realistic sound
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AmazonBasics Gaming Headset AmazonBasics Gaming Headset
  • Multi-platform compatibility
  • Unidirectional Headphone
  • Easy to access controls
  • Pillow-Soft earpads
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Fifine USB Microphone Fifine USB Microphone
  • Plug and play easily
  • Full metal construction
  • Additional volume knob for easy control
  • Supported by a stable tripod
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HyperX QuadCast Gaming Headset HyperX QuadCast Gaming Headset
  • Anti-vibration shock mount
  • Tap to mute function
  • Mount adapter included
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Thronmax MDRILL Microphone Thronmax MDRILL Microphone
  • Looks Great and Minimalistic
  • Versatile Usage
  • USB Type-C Port
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Beexcellent Gaming Headset Beexcellent Gaming Headset
  • Looks attractive
  • Noise cancellation
  • Incredibly cheap and value for money
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But come on, why would I be writing a 2500 word article to give you something that you cannot even afford? There is no point to that so that is why I’m here to help you choose a great microphone which is also in an affordable price range. I cannot make sure that all the microphones will cost as low as your Spotify premium but I will make sure that it won’t rip off your bank account.

Now we will look at some of the best budget gaming microphones:


HyperX is one of the best companies when it comes to gaming related products, be it a RAM or a microphone, their quality and reputation speaks for them.

The same applies to HyperX cloud stinger too, probably your dream microphone. 


Gaming mic with many features usually weighs a lot but this HyperX cloud stinger  weighs so less and feels so comfortable on your head. The 90-degree rotating ear cups provide a snug fit which is an icing on the cake for ensuring comfort.

The memory foam or HyperX memory foam as they call gives you an amazing experience and doesn’t hurt your ear much during continuous use so gaming for hours isn’t going to be a problem!

The 50-millimetre directional drivers which are parallel to your ears and provide you with a great listening experience but are that it? What about accuracy? The precision of audio is top-notch in these drivers and to describe in a word it would be, exceptional. 

The swivel-to-mute noise-cancellation microphone gives you an amazing experience during the in-game experience. The mic gets muted automatically when you flip it vertically so that you need not search for a button while your mom blasts you in the background.

Final Verdict

The HyperX cloud stinger is one of the best gaming microphones in the market right now and I highly advise you to go for it. It has an amazing microphone experience with its flip to mute and passive noise cancellation, light-weighted with memory foam, precise audio. The only problem you may face is that even though some parts are made of metal they aren’t quite durable but other than that this is a great option and the value for money is extraordinary.


The SteelSeries Arctis 1 is almost similar to and on par with the HyperX microphone. It is a wired headset with universal connectivity which is compatible with all consoles be it Xbox or PlayStation or Switch or even a PC. There is also a wireless version if you would like to buy. It is padded with cushions and has multiple additional features to make your gaming experience smooth and amazing.


Comfort becomes a priority when it comes to gaming continuously and Arctis 1 shines here. They are padded with what the company calls as air weave ear cushions which provides comfort on the long run, the headband is made of reinforced steel which provides durability and is also gives an adjustable option. 

The signature arctics sound provides you with a realistic experience while gaming or streaming. It provides a balanced soundscape and also has a noise cancellation feature. There are also on-ear controls which makes it easy to operate.

The microphone uses a bidirectional design which makes your voice sound clear and natural, comes in handy while you are streaming. Did you know that bidirectional microphones are used in aircraft carrier decks too?

Final Verdict

SteelSeries Arctis is an extraordinary headset when it comes to gaming. The comfort, sound experience, on the go experience, durability is just top-notch. The only problem you may face is with the mic which often picks up the sound from the headphone itself, too good maybe? Apart from this, there is no other reason for you to not buy this one especially considering its affordable price.

AmazonBasics Gaming Headset

The Amazon Basics products are a non-sense private label which is packed with features that customer usually searches for, this makes whatever their product is easy to buy and also has every feature at an affordable range. The AmazonBasics headset is another such product in their line. It does not have any fancy features to attract the consumers but the necessary ones which will help the headphone function normally.


The pillow-soft earpads will give you a comfortable experience while gaming continuously.

The microphones are said to be designed especially for gaming experience making the communication easy between players. The multi-platform compatibility is a great feature as it supports these headphones.

The headphone also features a unidirectional microphone which has easy to access volume and mute controls. It gives you easy and full control while playing and you need not even worry about it interrupting your experience. 

The main reason I included this microphone on this list is because of its price. a decent yet affordable one which has all the basic features.

Final Verdict

If you are severely restricted by a budget and want to buy a gaming microphone right away then you can go for it. Not everyone gets a faulty mic when it gets delivered to them but if majority complaint about it you should be precautious before buying. But that said the other things are quite amazing and the highlight is, of course, its incredible price.

Becoming a streamer is a dream for everyone and the two steps for it are to improve one’s performance in any game and get a good microphone as streaming often involves commentary. The Fifine USB microphone is a great one especially for streaming, thanks to its metal condenser recording.


The microphone comes with a 5.9 foot USB cable which can be plugged and you can start using it right away. You need not spend time setting it up for a long time.

The Fifine microphone has a sturdy metal construction which provides durability on the long run. It also has a stable tripod which can easily be placed near your computer. It gives you amazing stability while live streaming or recording.

The recording microphone also has an additional volume knob which gives a louder and clearer sound. The loudness of the voice is not affected by noises or disturbances in the audio, thanks to its high sensitivity. It gives you the perfect streaming experience.

The cardioid polar pattern captures your voice perfectly and isolates it from background noises while also completely ignoring the static noise. This feature helps gamers, especially for a crystal clear recording.

Final Verdict

Fifine USB microphone is one of the most ideal microphones for gamers to stream or record anything. It has a metal construction, tripod, ignores background noises, additional volume knob which gives you more control. This microphone cannot only be useful for gamers but also for recording songs and podcasts. The value for money is also an amazing highlight.

HyperX produces some of the best accessories and products in the field of gaming, from headsets to RAMs to microphones, they are good at everything and the HyperX QuadCast joins the line. It has amazing features which support and enhance your streaming experience.


There is a built-in anti-vibration shock mount in the HyperX Quadcast which manages to isolate the background noises and rumbles in the microphone. Any disturbances to the device or its close surrounding do not affect or spoil the recording in any way.

How would you like if there is a touch sensor which will mute the mic if you just touch it? Seems like your wish just came true. It is called tap to mute function which is quite amazing.It also has a LED indicator showing the status of the microphone.

There are four selectable polar patterns, yes you heard it right four patterns. Stereo, omnidirectional, cardioid and bidirectional. It can be changed with a knob according to our need. This feature makes the Quadcast eligible versatile uses and not just gaming.

Oh there is a mount adapter included if you need it, HyperX wants to give you a full experience and seems like no one can stop it.

Final Verdict

The HyperX Quadcast is probably the best option if you are into streaming if it’s not for its price and the thing is we can’t ignore such a high price as just another factor. It is costly and it is tough to decide whether the mic is worth the money spent but keeping it aside this is one of the best options out there in the market right now.

The Thronmax MDRILL is minimalistic looking mid-range microphone which can be used for a lot of things such as chatting, streaming, gaming and recording. Its versatility is what makes it special and the look, it’s very good. It is also compatible with various devices.


How would you feel if your microphone had a Type-C cable? That is everyone’s dream these days because it makes the product compatible with literally every device out there. The Thronmax MDRILL has a Type-C cable so you know, it’s perfect.

It also comes with a stable desktop stand which makes it easy for positioning during streaming or recording.

The microphone can be adjusted to both omnidirectional and cardioid modes with a knob. This makes it easy to use for multiple purposes, you can use omnidirectional for podcasts and cardioid for streaming and gaming.

Thronmax MDRILL doesn’t need any pre-installed drivers to work, all you need to do is a simple plug and play . It makes the whole process simple and minimalistic, just like its looks because damn it looks so good.

Final Verdict

The Thronmax MDRILL which is a very weird name is a versatile microphone which can be used for multiple purposes. Its microphone convertibility from cardioid to omnidirectional, easy to use, comes with a stable stand and a Type-C cable. Although if you have an older device you need to watch out for it.

Let’s be honest here when we say gaming accessories the first thing that comes to our mind are those colourful RGB keyboards, mouse and headsets because they are straight up attractive and the Beexcellent headset is one among them, bright and beautiful. 


This is for gamers and only for gamers, the audio experience is so immersive and pure that you can hear every footstep accurately. I’m pretty sure that it is every gamer’s dream and mine too.

The flexible boom microphone, at least that’s what they call it and I’m not going to, differentiates your voice with background noises. It also has a 120-degree flexible design which is easy to adjust and control.

The shape of the headset is optimized to not cause any pain when used continuously, the earmuff is filled with foam which provides a smooth experience for your ears. But wait a minute, it’s lightweight. It doesn’t hurt your head or neck whilst using it continuously.

The highlight of this headset is its amazing price. very affordable and you need not scramble every penny you have to buy this one.

Final Verdict

If you are strictly under budget then I would seriously recommend going for Beexcellent gaming headset. It has everything an ideal gamer is looking for, attractive, smooth, comfortable, realistic and easy to control and most of all its excellent price.

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