7 Best Microphones for Church [Choir Essentials]

7 Best Microphones for Church [Choir Essentials]

Every church needs a microphone because not all the time god sends a message directly to you, so the pastor needs a microphone and the church choir needs one too. But will you get the god’s message and songs dedicated to God himself if you have a bad microphone? It may not be Christmas or thanksgiving or Easter but I think even on normal Sunday gatherings messages should be delivered loud and clear.

It’s not like Jesus is going to be mad at you for using a faulty microphone or not using a microphone but in the church, a pastor delivers a powerful speech which gives hope to the people, the songs sung by the choir give a sense of relief and belief to people and while doing that I think you need the best microphone for church.

So wait, but why a microphone? Won’t a good loud speaker do the job? Sadly they don’t because they don’t project a clear voice of the user. Imagine composing a great song for your church choir and all people hear are the loudness from high notes, pretty disappointing right? 

As much as you think it is not important, it absolutely is. a good microphone elevates the whole environment giving you a heavenly experience. So small piece of microphone does these many things? You don’t know the wonders a good audio can do in this world.


Best Microphone for Church 2020

Shure BLX288/PG58 Microphone Shure BLX288/PG58 Microphone
  • Easy to pair quick scan frequency
  • Adjustable control
  • Works up to 300 feet
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Sony ECMAW4 Wireless Microphone Sony ECMAW4 Wireless Microphone
  • Interactive communication
  • Range up to 150 feet
  • Reasonable price
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Shure SLX2/SM58 Microphone System Shure SLX2/SM58 Microphone System
  • Crystal clear audio
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Durable in the long run
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Alvoxcon Wireless microphone system Alvoxcon Wireless microphone system
  • Affordable price
  • Works up to 100feet
  • Comfortable design 
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Tonor UHF Wireless microphone system Tonor UHF Wireless microphone system
  • Anti-interference feature
  • Adjustable echo effect
  • Bluetooth connectivity
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Fifine Wireless Microphone System Fifine Wireless Microphone System
  • Interference resistant UHF band
  • Strong signal integrity
  • Affordable Price
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Hotec 25 Channel UHF Wireless Microphone Hotec 25 Channel UHF Wireless Microphone
  • Compatible with Various Devices
  • Up to 25 selectable frequencies
  • Ideal for church choirs
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Now you may be wondering how do you choose a good microphone? Because believe me each and every electronic store and online outlets sell you some below par microphones which can completely ruin your experience. Why do you think I typed such a long paragraph? I’m here to help you choose a good microphone so that the next time you and your choir group plan to sing in the church a poor sound system does not ruin your moment.

These are some of the best wireless handheld microphones in the market right now:


Shure is one of the top leading brands in producing quality microphone systems at a reasonable price which provides value for the money you spend, so who better than Shure to help you address the gathering. This Shure microphone sound system comes with two wireless handheld microphones and a dual-channel microphone system.


The highlight of this system is its simplicity. It is easy to use and there are absolutely no complications in it. Put in the AA batteries, wait did I say that? It runs on easily available AA batteries. So you put in the batteries, plug in the system then connect your microphone with the sound system and you’re ready to go!

The period microphones last continuously are astonishing because they last up to 14 hours! You heard it right, 14 hours impresses even the almighty himself. There is also a LED indicator which shows the power and battery status which helps you keep track of it. 

The one-touch quick scan frequency selection helps you pair the microphones with the sound system easily. it also works up to 300 feet which is 91 meters, the wireless feature does not restrict you within a small area and with this range, you can be more mobile and interactive.


Final Verdict

Shure is a great company and their microphone sound systems are almost perfect. Sure they have some problems like the plastic body of the microphone, given the price they should’ve gone for metal and of course the price itself. The price may scare off some people but to be honest I would personally say it is worth it, worth every penny you spend on it? I’m not very sure about that.


Sony is almost indisputable, almost in everything? But especially in audio systems due to their high quality and just that. At times the product may seem a little pricy but at the end of the day when you use it you may not feel so due to the satisfaction you derived from it, does this sound system come in that list?


Working for almost 150 feet it gives you the freedom of movement which is great for churches, the enclosure added with this perfect audio will give you an amazing experience.

What if you wanted to record a video? Maybe someone you know or your family or maybe even your crush every Sunday is a part of the choir and you would want to record it. The wireless microphone not only provides you with great sound quality but also helps you shoot videos with the integrated camcorder.

The microphones are made up of premium quality materials so not only the sound feels premium and elegant but the device too. This guarantees a long time durability. The integrated camcorder, microphone made with premium materials at this price is amazing. Yes this is not the cheapest out there but come on, a Sony microphone system with these features at this price is a blessing.


Final Verdict

Remember first I asked you whether this microphone system comes in the list of those elite Sony products? I don’t know the answer because on one hand it comes at a reasonable price which works up to 160 feet, has interactive communication, durable and on the other hand its limited compatibility and average audio quality. They are not on the list. If you are not very much restricted by a budget this one is not for your church.

Shure SLX2 SM58 Microphone System

Hey look its Shure again, didn’t I say they are a reputed company? It’s nice to see them again but now at a considerably lesser price. The receiver is not included with the wireless microphone so you have to buy it separately but other than that is this a good one? 


This Shure microphone is compact and comfortable to use which will be very convenient, it is probably I’m not saying the best but probably the best handheld microphone available in the market right now.

The microphone has a durable build which can avoid heavy damages. Please don’t test this by throwing it on purposes come on, you are buying it for a church so god is watching you much closer.

It also lasts for a long time, almost 10 hours. With the help of AA batteries, you can easily conduct a lengthy program or ceremony and need not worry whether the microphone will stop working


Final Verdict

Just when we thought we got a perfect wireless handheld microphone for our church, something messed it up. This Shure handheld microphone is probably one of the best in the market with its compact design, durability and lasting battery but all these amazing things compromised because they didn’t sell receiver with it? Sure? We believed in you. If you are ready to spend additional money on a receiver and don’t bother spending a significant amount of money on mic and transmitter alone then sure do go for it.

Be it any list every review list has a cheap item. Not affordable or reasonable but cheap and this Alvoxcon microphone system is one. At this price it comes with two microphones, compatible with multiple devices, can be used on multiple occasions not just for churches and once again its price!


This wireless microphone works up to 100 feet or 30 meters, not the best when you compare it to top-flight mics but at this price? it is acceptable and amazing. The increase in range does not disturb in the transmission of audio as it still provides you with a stable transmission.

The main highlight of this mic, okay maybe the second main one is its full compatibility. The wireless receiver works with any sound equipped device that has a ‘Mic in’ input jack. Whether it be an iPhone, Laptops, DJ controllers, cameras or karaoke machines it works fine.

There are two microphones which come with a wireless receiver so it offers the freedom to you in interacting or multiple uses. It is also easy to use, no need for a lengthy setup process that makes Jesus tired. Plugin, pair the frequency and that’s it. Now your choir is good to go.


Final Verdict

Seems like you have hit a jackpot here. The Alvoxcon wireless system does not have cons other than its durability but come on you shouldn’t expect it to last for years at this price so be careful as it vulnerable when prone to accidents. If you are inside a budget or even if not I would highly recommend you to go for it. Imagine your choir singing in such an amazing and affordable microphone, Jesus would like it for sure!

We have hit a jackpot here for real, another budget wireless microphone system with great sound quality. The Tonor Wireless Microphone System comes with an anti-interference feature, echo function, additional mic support and a metal build.


The wireless system features 50HZ-18KHZ fixed frequency which increases the signal intensity multifold. It is perfect for church choir-like environments but not just there, it great for meetings, outdoor environments and concerts too.

The Bluetooth transmitter receiver allows you to connect to smartphones, tablets, iPads and laptops to stream music for a range up to 80 feet! It is amazing and much more considering its price range.

There is an adjustable echo effect in the system which enables you to mic signal with the music signal so that you need not use a mixer. If you think you need another microphone then no problem at all because it has an additional 6.35m port to allow connection to a wired microphone.

Final Verdict

Once again there is a great option in front of you. An affordable wireless microphone system with an anti-interference feature, echo adjustment effect and Bluetooth connectivity. Yes the battery drains pretty soon so if you have a lengthy choir please have some backup batteries but other than this is a great choice!

Okay, maybe this is getting out of hand? Another affordable wireless microphone system which has dual UHF channels and lapel lavalier microphones. The Fifine wireless systems are maybe the best headset wireless microphone system but let’s see whether it’s true.


Interference resistant UHF band offers easy wireless synchronization and quick frequency matching but here comes the highlight, it supports up to 20 simultaneous wireless channels which provide clear and static-free audio. It is especially suitable for church choirs and speeches because of their zero static audio.

The transmitters and receivers have two antennas each to improve the signal integrity and they do. Without any obstacles the microphones up to a range of 165 feet and with obstacles they work up to 50 feet.


The wireless headset and the transmitter which displays the audio status are amazing as they conveniently provide visual indications of the settings. You can always know what the microphone is doing. And once again the price, all these features at an affordable price is plain awesome.

Final Verdict

I’m getting tired actually. All these midrange microphone systems offer great specifications and quality. It is getting pretty tough to decide too. The signal integrity feature and the range are really impressive and will be useful in choirs. The only problem you may face is that it is not loud which can be troubling in big churches and choirs in there so you need to check that.

I’m pretty sure that you are not tired of hearing budget microphone systems rocking it out there but you are in a tough position to decide. The dual-microphone makes it suitable for church choirs as it helps the sound get louder.


The Hotec 25 Mic System comes with full compatibility. Just connect the receiver to the input of your device and that’s it. If the device has a 3.5mm jack then use the 3.5mm to 6.35mm adapter. The volume can be adjusted from the device itself.

The 3.5mm helps you connect it with a smartphone too, be it android or iPhone. So you can not only use it for church choirs but recordings too. Time to publish those amazing choirs out there it seems.

The sound quality is amazing and clear without any distortion. This is especially used for live performances like choirs but also concerts as it is convenient for studio recordings too. The setup is easy, the classic plug and play. It offers you significant freedom of movement in the hall. 


Final Verdict

The Hotec 25 wireless microphone system is a classic affordable and simple to use microphone system but only here it is compatible with a wide range of devices and has an excellent sound quality. Apart from a restricted range, you won’t face any problems. There are some reports regarding problems in its operation. At this price, this one impresses us.

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