7 Best iPhone Microphones for the BEST Audio Input

7 Best iPhone Microphones for the BEST Audio Input

Not everyone has a good DSLR and not everyone has money to buy a good DSLR so why not use your iPhones? Really! Can we use our iPhones to shoot videos and record podcasts?
Yes, you can. Although I wouldn’t say that you can shoot an entire feature film with an iPhone or a Netflix level documentary but you still can shoot some awesome videos. iPhone cameras are top-notch these days, probably even the best smartphone cameras if it’s not for Google’s pixel, thanks to Google.

iPhone has plenty of features, different lenses and do you know that sometimes even directors shoot videos in iPhones? Yeah, Zack Snyder completely shot a short film using just an iPhone! Isn’t that amazing?
But the problem is that you need external microphones to record the audio clearly because be it iPhone or any other smartphone out there one thing they can’t do is record audio in a professional quality no matter how hard they try. Which is why you need a quality external microphone which helps you record crystal clear audio.

Best iPhone Microphones Right now

Zoom iQ6 Zoom iQ6
  • Precise recording
  • Compatible with almost all latest iPhones
  • Stereo X/Y feature for wide recording feature
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Shure MV88 | Portable iOS microphone Shure MV88
  • Looks minimalistic
  • A full metal body ensures long run usability 
  • The audio is clear and noiseless
  • Flexible Positioning 
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Rode VideoMic Me Rode VideoMic Me
  • Comparatively cheap
  • Suitable for IOS as well as Android devices
  • Comes with a deluxe furry windshield 
  • Has a 3.5mm headphone jack
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Rode i-XLR Rode i-XLR
  • XLR input connection
  • Comes with a 3m cord
  • Supported by Rode Reporter App
  • Easy to use during interviews
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Altson Ultra-compact Clip | Omnidirectional iPhone microphone Altson Ultra-Compact Clip
  • Extremely cheap
  • Omnidirectional microphone
  • Intelligent noise reduction feature
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Rode SC6-LInterface 2 & 2 smartLav+ microphones Rode SC6-L
  • Has Kevlar-reinforced cables
  • Comes with two smartlav+ microphones
  • Omnidirectional microphones
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Rode IXYL Condenser Microphone Rode IXYL Condenser
  • Works with older iPhones
  • Metal casing ensures durability 
  • Comes in both lightning and 30-pin variants
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Come on! who wouldn’t wanna make a video so good that people don’t believe you recorded it on the iPhone? There are lots of external microphones for iPhones out there and I will help you choose a good one because I want to buy one too. These are some of the best external microphones for iPhones in the market:


The Zoom iQ6 is an external microphone for iPhone which can record audio for music, podcasts and interviews. It comes in two versions iQ6 and iQ7. It can be used on phones both with cases and without cases. The microphone can be adjusted from 90 degrees to 120 degrees which will be useful especially in interviews and podcasts. The microphone also has a world-class H4n condenser.


The Zoon iQ6 supports iPhone 5 and higher, iPod touch 5th gen & 6th gen and iPad 4th gen and higher. The mic supports devices which have iOS 6 or higher so basically, it means that it supports almost all kinds of iPhones and iPads right now. I feel sorry for you if you have an iPhone 4, come on you need to buy a new one. The stereo X/Y feature offers wide coverage to the microphone but also captures the sound sources at the centre, even some shot-gun microphones don’t have this feature.

You can download Zoom’s free recorder app which will provide you with additional features such as compression, six-band EQ. normalize and divide. There is also a feature which stops/starts the recordings when it reaches a certain limit.
The mic is accompanied with an extended Lightning connector and removable space which are quite helpful.

Final Verdict

The Zoom iQ6 which also comes in iQ7 version is a great looking and a quality microphone which is especially suitable for podcasts and mainly indoor interviews. Wide range for recoding and compatibility are great features. The recorder is buggy and if you are planning to buy I would advise you to remove the cover.


First of all, I have to say that this mic looks great and minimalistic but not just that, the MV88 records crystal clear audio which is especially suitable for interviews. You can also use it for vlogging and music recording.


The microphone is completely constructed with metal which helps the mic to survive in extreme and demanding environments. You can also save and share your recordings instantly.

Did I tell you that they have an app? Yes the ShurePlus MOTIV app offers a wide range of features including the saving and sharing one mentioned previously. The app provides features such as compression, polar pattern, control EQ and stereo width.

The rotating feature of the mic offers flexible positioning during the recording, it comes handy when you have multiple sources to focus on.

The system requirements for Shure MV88 are iOS or higher. The devices compatible are iPhone 5 and higher, iPod touch 5th and higher, iPad 4th gen, iPad Air, iPad mini 1st gen and higher.

Final Verdict

If you don’t mind its price the Shure MV88 is an excellent choice with a metal body and minimalistic look, big fan of minimalism by the way. The MOTIV app is great and offers a wide range of features like instant share. It is easy to carry around and has clear recording but just make sure that the phone is fully charged before recording.


Rode is a well-known and reputed in the field of audio, microphones especially, for providing at an affordable price. The Rode VideoMic Me is no exception, a great external microphone at an amazing price.But wait this is for all smartphones? 


Yes, it works for all smartphones, thanks to the TRRS microphone/ headphone socket. It also has flexible mounting which accommodates many smartphones and allows the microphone to be fitted for selfie camera use. This aspect is particularly great for vloggers. 

The VideoMic Me also includes a deluxe furry windshield which is suitable for shooting outdoors especially in demanding conditions.  A 3.5mm headphone jack on the back allows for play-through of audio while recording and also playback of videos without requiring to take off the microphone, the audio play-through feature requires an app though. 

Final Verdict

The Rode VideoMic Me looks great on paper with its attractive pricing but practical usage is where it lacks. All the customer complaints make this one an unreliable bet. If you are desperate and in an immediate need for an external microphone then go for it but there are chances that you may get a bad product.

Rode is one of the most reputed companies in the field of audio producing products at an affordable price. The Rode i-XLR is an amazing external microphone exclusively for iPhones except for the affordable part, it costs a bit but once again the question for us would be that whether it is worth spending .


The Rode i-XLR comes with a cable which will be connected by XLR to the mobile phone, you can comfortably slide the phone in your pocket or bag and monitor the audio. It is useful, especially for journalists and podcasters. i-XLR also features trimmable zero-latency headphone monitoring. The microphone is supported by RODE reporter app which has versatile features and works fast.

This Rode i-XLR is compatible with all dynamic and self-powered microphones. It allows you to record crystal clear audio irrespective of the environment and conditions. 

The only problems regarding this are that they are a bit too pricy especially for an external microphone for iPhones, Rode should look into cutting the cost and the Rode recorder app does have versatile features but not significant enough to edit the audio, remove noises or alienate background sounds so a better app of your choice is recommended.

Final Verdict

The Rode i-XLR is not the greatest external mic for iPhones out there, to be honest. It is costly and the app does not have enough features, the only features that stand out are its 3m cord and XLR connector. It is useful for reporters and journalists as it can survive well in external environments.

The Altson Ultra-compact clip is an external microphone exclusively for iPhones, iPods and iPads which have a lightning interface. This is an omnidirectional microphone which means that it can capture from all directions simultaneously.


It is featured with an intelligent noise reduction which eliminates unwanted sounds and noises drastically giving the user a crystal clear audio, the microphone is made up of premium quality materials which makes it far better than the built-in microphones in your iPhones.

The omnidirectional mic not only detects audio from all directions but also is capable of detecting acoustic waves. The company have said that they manufactured this microphone with a specialized silicon micromachining process which is mainly used for producing audio censors for various equipment, a fancy way to say that it has a great quality. 

The best part of this mic is its value for money, costing way less than many other external microphones for iPhones this one offers various features and is times better than other similar microphones at this price range. The audio quality is not bad but not great either, it is still great for YouTube videos and vlogging.

Final Verdict

The Altson Ultra-compact mic is an amazing choice at such an incredibly low price. It has noise reduction, receives audio from distance, has an omnidirectional mic but the only problem is that it is a great iPhone mic for this price range, if you barely have any money then you can surely go for this but if you are into professional journalism, podcasting or film making this one is not advisable.

The Rode SC6-L is a slightly costly but value external microphone which has not one but two smartLav+ microphones. It comes with a Kevlar-reinforced cable which handles extreme strains on it. This is like the third Rode microphone we are looking into right now which itself shows the popularity of this brand.


The highlight of this microphone would be the two smartLav+ microphones, who doesn’t love two microphones? And both of these microphones are omnidirectional, which means that they record sound from all directions in an effective way.

The main ingredient of this recording will be the SC6-L mobile interface which has a lightning adapter and both the microphones can be connected to it. The SC6-L can be brought separately too if you already have the microphones. It also has a 3.5mm headphone jack in case you need to connect it with an android smartphone.

The only downside of this mic is its price, it costs a lot for a smartphone microphone but its features and specs are certainly attractive. It will be helpful especially in two-person interview scenarios and if you do that more often you won’t regret.

Final Verdict

If you conduct interviews often, be it podcasts or maybe you are a journal, it is an amazing mic for it. Yes, the price may seem a bit high but considering that it comes with two microphones and an SC6-L mobile interface I would say it is worth it.

Before going into the review I have to say this, remember how I joked about having older versions of iPhones? I felt bad about it and realized not everyone has money to buy the latest iPhones, come on they cost so much. So what I decided was to look into microphones which support older versions too and Rode, once again obviously, is one of them.

Final Verdict

The microphone has two matching pair of half-inch cardioid capsules fixed at a perfect 90-degree angle. A foam windshield is supplied along with the microphones which help in recording outdoors. The problem here is that when I said older versions of iPhones, I meant it. It does not work with the latest iPhones, not even with iPhone 7 or sometimes even with iPhone SE. This is purely for those ultra-old iPhones which you got like six years ago so please buy only if you have these older versions. 

Thanks for Reading :)

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