7 Best Wireless Lavalier Microphone For DSLR [Must Have]

7 Best Wireless Lavalier Microphone For DSLR [Must Have]

I cannot expect everyone to understand why a lavalier microphone is needed. They may just say a normal microphone system will do well too right? Only the people who work in TV and Video production will understand how important a lavalier microphone is.
For those who don’t know, Lavalier Microphone is a small mic which can be easily attached to the wardrobe of the anchor or the presenter or the actor. It hides comfortably yet can deliver quality audio.

But hey that’s it? Just lavalier? Lavalier is used by many people for many purposes but when you are into professional filmmaking, podcasting, anchoring you need a professional lavalier mic which is compatible and suits DSLR. And it has to be wireless of course because of its ease to use and comfort. Which is why I will show you 7 of the best wireless lavalier microphone for DSLR available in the market right now. You can choose any one of the Following:



7 Best Wireless Lavalier Mics for DSLR

Sennheiser ME2  Lavalier Microphone Sennheiser ME2 Lavalier Microphone
  • Optimized Dynamic Range
  • Link Protection
  • Easy Plug and Play Feature
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Rode Rodelink Microphone System Rode Rodelink Microphone System
  • Comes with a Receiver and Transmitter
  • OLED Status Display in the Receiver
  • Easy to Operate
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Dazzne Pixel Wireless Lavalier Mic System Dazzne Pixel Wireless Lavalier Mic System
  • 6 Selectable UHF Channels
  • Anti-Interference circuit
  • Works up to 70 Metres
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Rode Wireless Go Microphone System Rode Wireless Go Microphone System
  • Compact and Portable
  • Easy to use with a Clip-on Feature
  • Omnidirectional Mic 
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Mouriv MV-GMC201 Lavalier Mic System Mouriv MV-GMC201 Lavalier Mic System
  • Easy to Setup
  • Compact and Portable
  • Affordable Price Range
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Boya 12 Channel Wireless Lavalier System Boya 12 Channel Wireless Lavalier System
  • Wide compatibility
  • Value for Money
  • 2 Selectable Frequencies
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Sony Integrated Lavalier Mic System Sony Integrated Lavalier Mic System
  • Omnidirectional Pickup Pattern
  • Has a Separate Transmitter
  • Wide Frequency Response
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Despite its insane pricing, I’m personally a big fan of Sennheiser microphones because they are amazing and premium. Every time I buy a Sennheiser mic it is worth the money I have spent. This Sennheiser ME2 is one such lavalier mic set which is priced a bit high but has top-notch quality.


One of the main necessary for a lavalier mic is how easy it is to set up and operate, Sennheiser paves the path. It can directly be plugged into the XLR audio input and you are good to go. The microphone switches on and off along with the camera which enables you instant recording and also helps you save battery life. Man saving battery life in lavalier mic is everything.

It has an optimized dynamic range which records and suits the environment perfectly. Whether it is quiet or loud, it does not matter. The AVX matches with the camera’s sensitivity so you need not adjust the audio level on the microphone manually. The problem with a wireless connection is that it can easily get interfered by other frequencies which is why this one comes with link protection which identifies the best frequency whenever interference is detected.

The audio transmission will not be cut between the camera and microphone at any cost. This may not seem important but if you are an international filmmaker then it matters, AVX operates in a license-free frequency range so you can shoot and use in many countries without any sort of registration.



Final Verdict

To be honest it worth the money you spend. If you are going to use it for professional purposes then you probably need the best lavalier mic available and what else other than Sennheiser? It manages frequency automatically, suits and adapts according to the shooting environment and has a durable metal build. I don’t see any reason why it is not worth it.


Did they name it Rodelink because of the mic connected wirelessly? Seriously man? Rode is one of the best when it comes to microphones, their reputation speaks for them. Rodelink lavalier mic is one such premium microphone which has amazing features. The mic comes in two variants: the bigger size filmmaker which costs more and the mid-range wireless go for on the go shooting.


The best thing about Rode is that they provide everything that is needed. The value for money they provide is simply incredible. The package comes with a receiver and a transmitter too. This may not seem to be a big deal but many companies do not provide either receiver or a transmitter and sometimes neither.

The connection is automatically switched to the strongest frequency available whenever interference is detected or the frequency is weak. It saves our time efficiently. The microphone works effectively up to a range of 100 meters. It allows you to shoot at long ranges and challenging environments easily. The receiver has an OLED display which shows the status of microphones such as battery status, channel and mute status too. Comes in handy whenever you want to make some quick change.

The receiver is lightly weighted which can be easily attached to the wardrobe of the presenter and they won’t feel a thing. Easy to handle or operate efficiently. The pairing of the microphone is quite easy as it has a one-button pairing feature which as it says can be paired with the camera in a single touch of a button. Cool, I guess, great flex by Rode. The mic can be powered by both AA battery and a USB. This is incredible. This gives me joy because this feature allows for incredible flexibility and probably the best feature of this mic.



Final Verdict

I have not stated its price as a con because come on, even after they provide a microphone, OLED displayed receiver and a transmitter? It comes with incredible features such as one-button pairing, easy to operate and the best of all, flexible charging options. Range of microphone may not be that remarkable and has only an above-average build. These are the only cons and still, the value for money is nothing but incredible.

Dazzne Pixel Wireless Lavalier Mic System

If you are tired of looking at premium microphones which cost more than your mortgage then this budget lavalier mic system is for you. It is a professional grade microphone which is compatible with a wide range of devices. It has impressive features and of course, it comes at an affordable price range.


Be it for photography, video or even classroom environment, the mic is suitable which works up to a range of incredible 70 meters. The transmission is clear and uninterrupted even if the range increases. The microphone comes with 6 UHF channels for comfortable transmission without any delays or interferences in the frequency. It has a composite anti-interference circuit effectively switching between strongest signals.

With the anti-interference signal, four sets can be used at the same time. The volume memory function automatically remembers the last volume set for the recording so you need not manually change it whenever you switch it on. WNCR noise technology effectively reduces noises and restores sound details accurately. Its low performance is good and does not disappoint.

The receiver has an LCD that shows the microphone status. The mic has an effective unidirectional lapel which captures audio from long distances quite easily. The best feature is its price. Coming at an affordable price range it provides impressive features and decent performance.



Final Verdict

This is a good lavalier microphone system for the price which has some impressive features but the problem here is that it does not perform as good as a premium lavalier mic system. It has a sub-par audio quality and poor build quality which affects its overall performances. If you are going to buy for casual uses then you can go for it but for professional purposes, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Remember we talked about premium Rode Rodelink lavalier mic previously? This is its budget and compact brother Rode wireless go. It is an easily portable and compact wireless system which comes at a mid-range price. The best highlight of this lavalier system is its portability. The clip-on microphone can be easily attached to the wardrobe of the presenter. It is one of the world’s smallest wireless system. It is not only easy to carry but also extremely easy to use too.


Its quick clip-on capabilities allow to switch on recording immediately when needed. This is amazing and helpful for people who shoot in demanding environments and who are always on the go. Journalists and vloggers will find this feature extremely handy.

The transmitter has a high quality built-in omnidirectional mic. It has an incredible broadcast quality and captures the audio perfectly. As we know about omnidirectional microphones, it captures audio straight from the source and ignores sounds and noises from all other directions.

It has impressive battery life. The mic system comes with built-in USB-C rechargeable batteries which can last up to 7 hours which also included the battery saver mode. In case you are in the middle of nowhere and the battery saver mode will help you.



Final Verdict

No doubt this is one of the best budget lavalier systems. It is easily portable, comfortable to use and has impressive battery life. The only problem you may face is its range so working on the close range is recommended while using this. If you are doing journalism or vlogging then this is the best lav mic for you.

Whoever named this microphone, why? Apart from its weird name, this is another budget lavalier microphone system which is compatible with a wide range of devices from DSLR to smartphones to camcorders. It has an omnidirectional microphone which captures the audio efficiently. It offers us with crisp audio which eliminates noises from unwanted sources and background. The audio is clear and satisfactory.


The wireless system works up to a range of 15 meters and this is one of the disadvantages of this microphone. While many other lavalier microphone systems offer a longer range of 15 meters is not adequate. Even though it is good for short-range transmissions, is still a disadvantage when you shoot in demanding environments.

The lavalier microphone has a compact and comfortable design which makes it easy to carry around and easy to setup. You can start using the microphone on the go, clip it easily wherever you want. Be it for professional video recording purposes or as a hobby, this will do good.

The best feature of this lavalier mic system is its price. it is incredibly affordable. The problem here is that it is not as good as the premium or mid-range microphones. It still is good but we must always remember that it is a budget system.



Final Verdict

Who should buy this lavalier mic system? Anyone who is new and wants something basic can go for it due to its incredible pricing but other than that features aren’t that attractive. It sure does not suit for professional use such as journalism and film making.

Wow, another budget lavalier system. I’m going to say it has incredible pricing and describe the price but why this? Why not other lavalier mic systems? It is simply due to its wide compatibility. Even though we buy it mainly to use with DSLRs, the mic being with compatible with multiple device platforms is always helpful.


This lavalier system has high-band VHF operation for superior sound quality. The compander-free system assures the delivery of high-quality audio effortlessly. The mic system has an incredible 12 switchable frequencies. In case you notice any interference in any of the frequencies you can easily switch over to another one.

The frequency is automatically matched for the receiver making it easy to setup. The lavalier system is compatible with a wide range of devices from DSLRs to camcorders to audio recorders and even PCs. This makes it extremely flexible, comfortable and handy for all scenarios.

Other features are real-time monitoring, detachable antenna and powered by AA batteries. It comes at an affordable price range but more than that the value of money it provides is what makes it exceptional and an impressive choice.



Final Verdict

So who needs to buy this? It is good enough to be used for professional purposes so if you have budget constraints and still want a great lavalier mic system then this is a great option. It has incredible features and flexible compatibility making it one of the best out there.

How can I not include Sony when it comes to lavalier microphone systems? They are probably the kings of it but when I say king it includes price because good lord it is costly. The quality of this mic system is incredibly high and probably the most professional system you can get your hands on.


The lavalier microphone has an omnidirectional pickup pattern which picks up great audio. This lavalier system is especially incredible for talk shows which makes the omnidirectional pattern much more helpful and reliable.

The transmitter is small and compact, you can easily clip it on the wardrobe of the sender without any problem. The bodypack is supplied along with a belt clip. Helps you shoot on the go without any interruptions.

It has a wide frequency response to tackle interferences and to transmit clear audio. The system is powered by AA batteries and has decent Battery Life.



Final Verdict

The price may seem a bit high but if you start using it you will extremely comfortable and worth the money. Its professional-grade quality will sweep of you the floor and has some incredible features. It does not have a remarkable battery life so maybe carry around a bag of batteries?

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